Oklahoma City Insurance Law Attorney

The local weather can be destructive to houses and other buildings. Only Texas averages more tornadoes per year than Oklahoma. Tornadoes and hailstorms cause hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage in an instant. Unfortunately, some insurance companies engage in bad faith tactics that violate the terms of your insurance policy by denying your claim and refusing to pay fair compensation.

An initial denial of your claim does not have to be the end of your effort to be fairly compensated. I am Natalie Mai, an Oklahoma City insurance law attorney. I fight for individuals who have been unable to collect a fair and just amount from their insurance company. I have established strong relationships with licensed public adjusters who can appraise the damage and prepare documentation to support your case.

Taking Legal Action on Insurance Claims for Individuals and Small Businesses

If an insurance company denies a claim that you feel should be covered, it's important to show early in the process that you are serious about collecting what's rightfully yours. I enlist the services of experts who will help build a strong case against the insurance provider. Many times, I am able to reach a fair settlement without going to trial.

There are also numerous instances of a fraudulent insurance claim being made against a small-business owner or a landlord. These businesses need advocacy as much as individuals who allegedly suffered an injury or property loss. I provide a comprehensive skill set to all of my clients, no matter what side they may fall on in an insurance policy dispute. Because I know strategies from both sides of the issue, I can better predict for my clients what the other side's strategy will be. As a result, I proactively manage cases, anticipating the opposing party's move before it is made and providing my clients with legal advice that is one step ahead of the competition.

Norman Insurance Claim Attorney Handling a Variety of Cases

I help clients in a wide variety of insurance litigation matters, including:

  • Workers' compensation insurance
  • Construction law claims
  • Premises liability claims
  • Auto liability claims
  • Security systems claims
  • Product liability claims

Free Consultation and On-Site Visits Available

If you are fighting your insurance company regarding a property damage claim, or if you are a landlord or small-business owner in need of a lawyer who can handle personal injury or employment law defense, e-mail me or call 405-600-3476 to schedule a free initial consultation.